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Proactive vs. Reactive Care

Often, we wait until the pain becomes too much before we do something about it. What many may not know is that seeing a chiropractor regularly can help to prevent those chronic aches and pains.

When one seeks care, when the onset of pain occurs, they are receiving a reactive care approach. This approach attacks the pain after the pain has already surfaced, and recovery in some cases may take longer.

A proactive approach or preventative measures occur before the pain begins and helps to minimize flare-ups. If you have recently sustained an injury, seeking care sooner rather than later can mean all the difference in your overall recovery. Proactive care includes:

  • Checkups

  • Chiropractic visits

  • Massage and other treatments

  • Healthy eating

  • Exercise

  • Eye exams, blood pressure measurements, blood tests, and other screenings

  • Meditation, yoga, and other stress-relief activities

Unlike cars, our bodies don’t let us know when things are running low with flashing lights on the dashboard. When those lights show up on our vehicles to prevent severe damage, we seek help for our vehicles, and we should use this same sentiment when thinking about our bodies.

Preventive care offers the same benefits for your body. Making time to see the chiropractor when you feel fine can help you avoid aches, pains, illnesses, and worsening of chronic conditions.

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